James Hoese, D.P.T., C.S.C.S.

Dr. Hoese is the owner and proprietor of PreventPT. He started the business out of frustration with the insurance based health care systems that financially reward and control the managed care for injury rehabilitation. Through 20+ years in the health care industry Dr. Hoese has realized this model of care detracts from patient care and misses the most important component of health care, prevention. He thus has pioneered the use of big data, clinical research, and individualized assessments to develop exercise programs that help decrease the risk of future injuries.

Dr. Hoese was born in San Diego and went to UC Berkeley where he majored in Human Biodynamics. He became a American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and then subsequently went to the University of Southern California where he obtained his Doctor of Physical Therapy and concurrently became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Dr. Hoese has worked extensively in outpatient orthopedics since he graduated from USC in 2002. He has an extensive continuing education curriculum de vitae that he updates annually. He specializes in injury rehabilitation using a variety of manual therapy techniques and return to sport progressions with his sport specific performance training.

Dr. Hoese has an extensive background in soccer, where he played as a youth in San Diego with the Nomads Soccer Club and then later was recruited to play at UC Berkeley. He continues to play in various adult soccer leagues in Sonoma county. He combines his deep understanding of soccer with his professional knowledge to offer an unique perspective for the care of athletes that have been injured or are looking to maximize their performance on the field and decrease their risk of future injury.

Dr. Hoese lives in Sonoma County with his wife and 2 boys. In his spare time he loves surfing, mountain biking, playing soccer, hiking, and skiing.

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