Bike Fitting

Ergonomic Bike Fitting

determined bicyclist riding bike in overcast weather in evening

Not only do we fit the bike to you, but we will assess you as well and get YOU to fit the bike. If you have pain or want to avoid future injuries on your bike this is the program for you.

What is Included?

(1) A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) where you get scored on 7 fundamental movement patterns that look at flexibility, strength and movement patterning.

(2) You will be instructed in an individualized exercise program to address the movement findings. 

(3) Bike fitting will be done and optimal ergonomic seat and cleat position will be made (not available for 29ers). More complicated modifications to the bike will be outsourced to your local bike shop.

Cost structure follows our financial page for single or multiple sessions purchased. For pricing please click here.

For the bike fitting, we mount the bike on a trainer and look at your movement patterning while you ride. We will measure your joint angles and cleat positioning and modify to normative data based on clinical research that shows the best positioning. Quick fixes include changing seat position and cleat position. More involved bike modifications would be recommended to be done at a local bike shop.  Currently we can only accommodate bike tires that have a size 26” tire and at this time we are unable to mount mountain bikes that have larger tires.  Additionally, if you have a unique rear wheel spindle made of carbon, please let us know as that may not fit on the trainer as well. 

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