Custom Orthotics

Biomechanical Gait Assessment & Custom Fabricated Orthotics

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Your foot is the foundation to all your movement. If there are problems with the mechanics of your feet then over time you may begin to have numerous problems, including plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bunions, arthritis, tendonitis, and knee pain (to name a few). If you are experiencing any of these problems an orthotic, which is a custom made small piece of plastic or fiberglass that goes in your shoe under your foot, can help normalize your foot function and slow or eliminate any pain that you may be experiencing.

Under our care your gait (walking and running) will be analyzed and compared to normative data. Any flaws noted in your foot, ankle, knee or hip motion will be noted. That will be followed by an in depth orthopedic assessment of global movement patterns coupled with an analysis of your foot structure, ligamentous integrity, and strength. If we find deficits in your mobility, strength, or functional patterning you will be given corrective exercises to address the problems found. If your findings are significant and we feel you would benefit from an orthotic to assist your foot’s ability to function normally, we will guide you for the best options for corrective orthotics using either over the counter orthotics or custom fabricated orthotics.

Custom orthotics are made by a lab after we take a plaster impression of your feet. We then couple the plaster mold with the assessment findings and advise the lab of the specific orthotic features that will most benefit your foots needs.

At no point will we cast your feet and prescribe an orthotic without additional care instructing you on corrective exercises for your problem. This would lead to an orthotic that is uncomfortable, decreasing the use of it and ultimately leading to a wast of money. If you got an old pair of orthotics that are sitting in your closet, you know what we are talking about. Thus under our care, if you are interested in getting an orthotic you will be required to see our PT a minimal of 2 times. The first session will include the assessment and casting of your feet using plaster coupled with corrective exercises. On the second visit you will get your custom orthotic and review all exercises given to you. For pricing click here.

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