Safari Special: Soccer Injury Prevention and Performance Training

Attention: SAFARIANS!!!

Now that I have your attention I want to introduce you to my physical therapy business, PreventPT, and my soccer specific injury prevention and performance training package built specifically for the adult soccer player looking to enhance their athletic performance and decrease their injury risk.

The traditional physical therapy model of stepping in once your are injured is outdated and leads to wasted money, time, and frustration. Get ahead of the problem(s) by undergoing a comprehensive musculoskeletal orthopedic movement assessment, learn your injury risk, and then train like a professional to strengthen your most vulnerable areas to become the best soccer player you can be.

You pay Nicholas a lot of $$$. Why waste it sitting on the

sidelines drinking beers?

SAFARI Sessions

What’s included:

  • 7 sessions
    • Hour (+) long visits
    • One on one with a doctor of physical therapy and certified strength and conditioning specialist (bio)
    • Available in person, mobile, or virtual
  • Comprehensive orthopedic musculoskeletal assessment
    • Full body fundamental movement testing
    • Functional Movement Screen
    • Y-Balance Testing
  • Written report summarizing your findings including:
    • Your quantified injury risk
    • Summary of diagnoses
    • Printout of test results
    • Prioritized corrective plan
  • Injury risk analysis
    • Your testing results will be input to an algorithm that uses big data and evidence based medicine to compare you to your peers and quantify your injury risk
  • Prioritized exercise programming based off a systematic evaluation
    • We will focus the sessions on addressing the most problematic issues first
      • Acute pain management if present
      • Asymmetries in mobility
      • Problematic mobility deficits
      • Postural and core stability issues
      • Alignment and motor control problems
      • Strength deficits
      • Power deficits
  • Guided home/gym integrated exercises
    • Free access to individualized exercises online to learn and maintain compliance with the program recommendations
  • Direct access via phone/text whenever you have questions with your program
  • Discounts off future acute injury rehabilitation services
  • Private performance training studio with all the professional equipment you need

What you will gain:

  • Understanding of how your injury history has led to where you are today
  • Empowerment with what you can do to help manage it
  • Autonomy in managing your body’s issues
  • Freedom to remove the physical barriers are holding your soccer performance back

What you will get:

  • Love of the game!
  • A prolonged soccer career as you age
  • Managed injury risk
  • Financial savings from potential devastating injuries
  • Happiness- injuries suck
  • Enhanced health and wellness as you age
  • A PT that understands the needs for the adult soccer athlete
  • The ability to use your Health Savings Account or medical insurance reimbursement
  • Discount for group sessions of 2 or more individuals that have gone through assessment and program development

What you won’t get:

  • Insurance copays for 20 min of a PTs time to then be handed off to a tech that doesn’t even have a degree
  • A waiting room full of patients waiting to see a therapist that specializes in geriatric care
  • Unnecessary costs & time to see your physician to just be told to stop playing soccer
  • A program that wastes your time to do exercises that are non specific to your needs
  • A $44 monthly gym fee that you don’t know what to do with
  • Quick fix solutions that over promise and underserve
  • The ability to score goals like Nicholas, tackle like Matt, or get yellow cards like Ivan!

Safari Sessions
Keep Me On the Pitch Package
  • 7 sessions (@$130/session)
  • ($140 Off Standard Rate)
  • Offer valid through 8/7/22
  • Mention Safari Special
Safari Sessions
Movement Assessment & Report Only
  • 1 session
  • ($50 savings)
  • Offer valid through 8/7/22
  • Mention Safari Special

Don’t like to rush into things? We can set up a free 15 min consult to see how the shoe fits OR you can schedule the orthopedic assessment (1 session) at a discounted rate and get your written report that you could use as a roadmap to self direct corrective strategies that address the deficits discovered.

If that is not enough incentive, I’ll add an additional $50 for the first 2 people to sign up!
Offer expires midnight 8/7/22.

Click here to schedule or call or text 707-395-8080 to inquire

Know your risk, then do something about it!

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