Santa Rosa United Triage

Welcome Santa Rosa United players, coaches and parents. PreventPT has partnered with SRU with the mission to decrease the injury incidence and prevalence amongst the athletes in the club. We look to accomplish this through the following:

  1. Bridge the gap that traditional injury rehabilitation leaves where one may no longer be in pain for daily tasks, but are left on their own to navigate back to sport. This leaves too many risk factors unaddressed by the athlete and increases their risk for another injury.
  2. Offer pre-season or in- season movement screens for the non-injured players to get a baseline for injury risk.
  3. Communicate findings and empower the players/coaches/parents to address identified risk factors to decrease the incidence of injuries.
  4. Reassess and refine the SRU’s program annually to drive optimal results ultimately resulting in less time sitting on the bench and more time playing for the kids.

A critical component to this program is the ability to assess that what we are doing as a club is having a beneficial outcome for the kids. The way in which we will do this is to track injuries during the season to look for patterns, compare who is getting injured, and then make the necessary modifications to our injury prevention programs. An additional benefit offered to the club members is the ability of the players/coaches/parents to have direct open access to triaging players injuries and helping to guide their rehabilitative care to get them back on the field quickly and safely.

Please use the below form to communicate any acute injuries sustained that require time off from practices/games or chronic ongoing injuries that are effecting your ability to play AND note whether or not you would like to have a free consult over the phone or videoconference to get guidance in management of the problem.

Thank you very much for sharing this information with the club. Your participation will help make the club a safer place for our kids to train!

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