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At PreventPT we offer physical therapy orthopedic evaluations and treatments for for injury rehabilitation and and injury prevention. We see sport injuries, post surgical care, and offer individualized pre season sport orthopedic assessments to help decrease injury incidence. Our office offers in person mobile care for Bay Area residents at the location of your choice. We also offer the convenience of virtual care to supplement live sessions and/or to offer our expertise for those individuals that live out of the area.

PreventPT offers the following services:


When you are injured your whole world is turned upside down. Let us help you recover from the injury and get you back in the game. We specialize in musculoskeletal orthopedic injuries, sport injuries, and post surgical care. Available virtually or in person for Bay Area residents.


Get treated like a pro. Go through an orthopedic assessment and get your risk for potential future injury quantified. Then be instructed in in corrective exercises to decrease your risk. Available virtually or in person for Bay Area residents.


Not your typical bike fit. We adjust your bike for the best ergonomic fit as well as assess your body’s needs and prescribe exercises for your body to better fit your bike.


Have your gait assessed and get professional advise for the need for an over-the-counter orthotic or have a custom orthotic made.


Baseline testing gives the athlete an excellent idea of how well prepped their body is for the oncoming season and gives a roadmap for corrective exercises to decrease the risk of pending injury. Available for groups of 6 where a Functional Movement Screen is done. Problem patterns are identified and then the coach is instructed in corrective strategies to help minimize injury risk with his/her players.

…my body at age 47 was taking a beating. I realized that if I wanted to continue performance surfing my choices were to start training, get stronger, get looser, be smart about the training, or don’t do it anymore.”

Kris I.

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