Shopping for Physical Therapy

OK, you’re hungry right? So let’s go to the store and see what we can get. But first, get out that credit card and read the fine print on the backside. You’re only allowed to use this credit card at preferred stores that except it. But those stores are not listed. So, get out your phone and the Yellow Pages, and start dialing number after number to see who takes your little credit card. At last, you have found a store that will work.

So you get in your car and you drive 25 minutes to get there and then wait in line to fill out papers so the store can let you in when they are ready for you to shop. And prior to letting you in, you hand them that little card and they read your benefits. Unbeknownst to you, you have to pay $40 prior to going shopping there.

You finally get to go shopping and you get the food that you want. Then you go home.

Six weeks later you get a bill for that days worth of shopping for $1000. You’re so confused you take a closer look at the receipt and after consulting Google for translations on the bill you come up with the following. You actually bought $3000 worth of food but because you had that little card for some reason the store only charged you $1000.

grocery cart with item

Face it. This method for buying anything is ridiculous. But the truth is this is exactly how your insurance works. They obscure and confuse the users to line their profit.

Skip all the obscurity and buy direct. Your care at PreventPT will be simple and straight forward allowing for immediate contact with a physical therapist that can get you feeling better quickly.

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