Injury Prevention

Don’t get stuck on the sideline.

To truly know your injury risk you need to be assessed. Without an individualized assessment of your body’s function you will have no idea of the problems your body is harboring and thus will not benefit from a targeted exercise program. Your doctor of physical therapy will take you through an orthopedic evaluation including a Fundamental Capacity Screen, Functional Movement Screen and a Y Balance Test. Your results will be compared to a national database of people of similar age, sport, and gender. This will give you a concrete idea of your risk potential for future injuries specific to your activity or sport. Then using the orthopedic knowledge base of a doctor of physical therapy you will be given prioritized actionable items to decrease your risk, feel better, and perform at your best. Programs start by addressing any mobility deficits you may have and then progress to movement efficiency with postural control. Once you are moving proficiently, guided sport specific strength progressions will be presented.

The emphasis of PreventPT is to empower your movement and make you feel better while decreasing your risk of future injury. Thus, emphasis will be placed on things you can do to improve your movement to promote learning. In this way you will not be reliant on PreventPT to progress. We are simply here to assess, teach, and reassess your movement to help guide you to reach your goals in a safe manner. It is thus critical that you take an active role in following the program to get results. If you are looking for a passive way to improve your movement with as little intervention as possible, please look elsewhere. PreventPT will not be in your best interest.

Injury Prevention Program at a glance


This is where it all begins. Without assessing your body’s mobility, movement patterns, or strength it is all guesswork. Countless hours of research has been done and now that information can be outsourced to you. You will undergo an assessment with a doctor of physical therapy and your findings will be compared to a national database to assess your risk of future injury in regards to your sport, age, and gender.


Once you have been assessed you will be instructed in a comprehensive guided program to address your findings and decrease your risk of injury. This can be in the form of guided one on one sessions or intermittent instruction for individual self progression. Better yet, this can be done in person or outsourced to anyone over the internet via Telehealth.


At identified intervals you will meet with your doctor of physical therapy to check your progress toward your identified goals. If you are not making progress, an intervention will ensue and we will get you back on track.


Once your goals have been achieved, you will be directed to a long term strategy to help maintain your goals.

Empower yourself. Take control of your health!

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