Physical Therapy Lifeguard

Can you answer a simple question? What is the job of a lifeguard? It’s a simple answer, isn’t it? To save people, right? Think about it for a minute. Yah, that’s right. When someone is drowning, it is the job of the lifeguard to run out there and save them. If this is your answer, then you have to read on. If it is not, then you are in the right place!

The job of a lifeguard is to PREVENT the drowning from occurring!

You see the lifeguard is specially trained to read water. They can look at the water and see what most people don’t see. They see the rip current, the coral reef, the submerged rocks, in the waves. They are able to take this all in and predict where the danger is. This is the job of a lifeguard. To see all these bad things with an unsuspecting person walking right into it. They don’t let the individual enter the dangerous waters. They put up signs, use their blow horn, and walk the beach advising of everybody of the dangers in front of them.

Wouldn’t you like to know if you were heading straight into a riptide? Wouldn’t you like to be informed to know your risk? If you knew what kind of risk you were at, wouldn’t you do something about it?

What if I told you you were at a 40% greater likelihood of tearing your ACL, or 20% greater risk of spraining you ankle, or 60% greater risk of tearing your rotator cuff, or at 100% risk of missing work due to back pain. Would you do something about it? What is the cost of loosing the ability to do something you love?

This is where PreventPT steps in. You can consult a doctor of physical therapy specially trained to assess your body‘s mobility, stability, movement patterning, and functional performance. With this knowledge we can compare your findings to a national database that is matched with your age, gender and activity to predict your risk of future injury. Given your findings we can then develop individualized protocols to address your bodies unique needs. With this you will feel better, benefit from decreased future risk of injury, and see enhanced performance of the activity of your choice.

Avoid the rip current. Listen to the professionals. Seek help before it is too late!

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